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Identifying Automation Opportunities

Discover how to unpack your contact center data to identify automation opportunities with a built in ROI

Peter Iansek

Co-Founder & CEO

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Today, organizations are customers are placing an increased emphasis on being able to complete their services online via digital channel. Not only does this this make it easier for customers to self-service via a channel and time of their choice but it also serves as a lower cost support channel to the organization.

Within the contact center, Operative Intelligence has identified that up to 50% of inbound interactions can be automated and better served through self-service channels. The challenge is discovering these opportunities in your contact center data and building the business case for investment.

In this video, we will discuss:

  • The challenge with making sense of your contact center data and identifying actionable insights
  • The power of unpacking your contact center data to improve your CX (with examples)
  • Characteristics of inquiries which can be automated (with examples)
  • An approach you can use within your own team to identify automation opportunities

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