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Peter Iansek


Oct 2023
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Oct 2023

CallMiner Review & Alternatives [2023]

CallMiner Review & Alternatives [2023]
Peter Iansek


Peter Iansek

CEO & Co-Founder

Table of Contents:

  • What Does CallMiner Do? == What Does CallMiner Do?
  • How Does CallMiner Work? == How Does CallMiner Work?
  • CallMiner Review == CallMiner Review
  • CallMiner Review & Alternatives == CallMiner Review & Alternatives
  • Choose the Best CallMiner Alternative == Choose the Best CallMiner Alternative

What Does CallMiner Do? 

CallMiner is a speech analytics platform designed to help organizations identify, understand, and optimize customer interactions. The platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) to assess customer sentiment and experience. 

The platform will then provide analyses requested by the contact center, as well as aggregated center-wide reports so organizations can see how they might improve their customer support processes. It also allows omnichannel contact centers to pull data from all channels —from voice calls to chat messages—to keep track of what’s happening.

Organizations can score agent performance based on predefined criteria such as politeness or compliance with company policies. This helps them offer a consistent level of service across all channels and measure effectiveness over time without having to manually review individual customer conversations.

How Does CallMiner Work? 

First, the contact or call center determines what information they want pulled and analyzed from their calls. Based on the input of the companies, CallMiner can capture the conversations between customers and agents over various communication channels such as phone calls, emails, text messages, online chats, etc. This data is indexed and archived. 

 Once the conversation has been captured and stored, CallMiner’s voice analytics software detects keywords or phrases within the conversation that the contact center was looking for, such as customers requesting specific product information or return policies. These words and phrases are used to assign specific topics to each conversation, such as complaints, customer satisfaction, sales opportunities, account issues, and more. 

Once the conversations are assigned topics, they can then analyzed for customer sentiment to determine what response or corrective measure should occur.

CallMiner Review

callminer customer experience categories


  • Call analytics with automated speech recognition and sentiment analysis
  • Risk and compliance monitoring
  • Fraud detection
  •  Quality management support with real-time agent feedback and coaching capabilities
  • Account-based marketing
  • Customer data platform (CDP)
  • Demand generation and lead qualification


  • Reporting and visuals features
  • Customizable dashboard and interface
  • Ability to combine categories to create a scorecard
  • Ability to grade a call within the app and share results with agents and leads
  • Enables users to easily review calls


  • Requires specialized resources and teams that are familiar with analytics platforms
  • Transcriptions can be mistranscribed 
  • It isn’t user-friendly without extensive training within the platform 
  • Having multiple tabs open can cause the system to load the wrong data


CallMiner doesn’t publicly list its pricing. Anyone interested would have to reach out to their support by filling out a form on the website. 

But according to some sources, CallMiner charges $1,275 per month and $14,535 per year.

CallMiner Reviews

While CallMiner is helpful for speech analyzing and sentiment analysis, based on some CallMiner reviews, current customers are looking for: 

  • A shorter learning curve to start using the platform 
  • A more accurate speech-to-text feature
  • Real-time transcription standard 
  • A platform that doesn’t require special (and expensive) implementation resources 
  • A better SSO integration that interacts more seamlessly with group permissions

To provide users with tools that fulfill these needs, we have curated a list of CallMiner alternatives below.

CallMiner Review & Alternatives

1. Operative Intelligence

Operative intelligence logo

Operative Intelligence is a next-gen analytics and intelligence platform for enterprise contact centers and BPOs. It automatically transforms a business’ existing contact center data into real-world, actionable insights. 

While other customer intelligence solutions concentrate on automating the quality control of the contact center, Operative Intelligence is a unique customer demand intelligence software that provides a deeper understanding of the true drivers of customer contact. This information can enable businesses to not only improve customer service operations, but also opportunities for company-wide change, including modifying products and services and organizational policies and procedures.

Operative Intelligence shares detailed information about the volume, cost, and sentiment of each customer query so contact center managers can determine the exact changes that will have the greatest impact on customer experience and overall performance. Unlike CallMiner and other platforms that rely on keywords, Operative Intelligence uses the customers’ actual words. This represents customer inquiries exactly how they’re shared so contact center leaders can understand the context and take specific actions that have a clear ROI.

OI reports
OI reports on customer inquiries, sub-inquiries, and root causes using the customers' own words.


  • Provides a single source of truth for all contact center insights so teams can focus on taking actions and not mining data for answers
  • Shows exactly how agents are performing and where they need to focus on coaching through easy-to-read dashboards
  • Shares volume, cost, and sentiment of every customer inquiry, so contact center leaders know which changes will drive the highest impact improvements
  • Determines which customer interactions can be automated, constructs a business case for the change, and monitors ROI
  • Can go live and start providing business insights within two weeks, since it requires no additional business resources or model training, unlike Call Journey and other alternatives. 

Learn more about Operative Intelligence.

2. Talkdesk

Talkdesk is a cloud-based call center solution that integrates CCaaS and analytics features. The platform uses interactive voice response (IVR), automatic call distribution (ACD), and skills-based routing to direct customers to the appropriate agent for their needs.

During live calls, agents have access to relevant customer information, including name, image, contact information, purchase history, and previous interaction data. In the event of a missed call, Talkdesk provides detailed call data through email, including voicemail recordings and transcriptions.

talkdesk sample profile


  • Automatic call distribution
  • Call monitoring
  • Call transfer
  • Campaign management
  • Computer telephony integration


  • CX cloud essentials: $75 per user per month
  • CX cloud elevate: $95 per user per month
  • CX cloud elite: $125 per user per month
  • Experience clouds: Custom package

3. NICE Nexidia

NICE Nexidia offers businesses a comprehensive understanding of customer behavior and preferences through text and speech analytics.

With automated conversations, interactive dashboards, personalized messaging, and segmentation targeting, NICE Nexidia provides a range of tools for managers to gain valuable insights into customer sentiment, activity, scheduled service calls, and more. The platform also allows for the creation of custom reports on these key metrics.

NICE nexidia key metrics


  • Voice recognition 
  • Call monitoring  and categorization
  • Robust call analytics and reporting 
  • Automated quality assurance
  • Multi-channel integration
  • Real-time alerts

Pricing: The pricing information for NICE Nexidia is not publicly available on their website and requires businesses to contact them directly for pricing details.

Also read: NICE Nexidia vs CallMiner vs Call Journey vs Tethr vs Operative Intelligence

4. Observe.AI

Observe AI logo

Observe.ai utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze customer interactions. The platform provides businesses with the ability to track customer sentiment, detect outliers, and gather business intelligence. It helps users improve customer service operations and costs by focusing on quality assurance and compliance. 

Observe.ai is dedicated to improving the overall quality of customer service by providing insights into the customer experience. It differs from platforms like Operative Intelligence which provide both macro and micro insights into the customer journey, allowing businesses to adapt their product, service, and processes according to customers' needs. 

Observe AI payment authorization format


  • Quality assurance
  • Real-time customer insights
  • Agent performance and coaching
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Security and compliance


Observe.ai's pricing is not publicly listed. They require organizations to request a personalized quote.

Choose the Best CallMiner Alternative

To determine the most suitable CallMiner alternative for your business, it’s helpful to evaluate pricing plans, customer support services, scalability options, and ease of implementation. 

If you’re looking for an automated solution that can provide deep analytics and predictive insights from customer conversations, Operative Intelligence is the best choice.  

Operative Intelligence users can effortlessly detect the most useful opportunities for improving customer experience and reducing operational costs. The platform automatically pulls and analyzes customers' actual words and transforms them into actionable insights so organizations can pinpoint difficulties and drive true change. 

Book a  free demo with Operative Intelligence.

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