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How to turn 'Why' into ROI

Learn how Apple Federal Credit Union is using Demand Insights to transform how they think about and manage the member experience

Peter Iansek

Co-Founder & CEO

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As contact center leaders, we have a very good grasp of the work we do for customers (‘The What’) but what is far more challenging to unearth is ‘The Why’. The Why allows us to understand the true Root Cause drivers of our customers’ contacts, enabling us to enact preventative measures to address avoidable, high effort customer interactions and be far more proactive in our service delivery. 

This is driven in part by the various systems used in contact centers today, which all tell a slightly different story of what is driving our operational performance and customer experience. Despite access to mountains of data, the challenge lies in analyzing and synthesizing all of these data sources to identify the real drivers of our customers’ contact and where we need to focus to target the highest impact initiatives.

In this video, Mark Whitney, AVP of Contact Centers at Apple Federal Credit Union tells his story of discovering the real reasons why his members are contacting and how this is being used to drive data-based continuous improvement in the contact center and across the broader organization. Since partnering with Operative Intelligence, which uses AI to analyze their member interactions and identify the Root Causes of Contact, Mark has been able to:

  • Identify almost 900 unique contact types including the root cause, volume, cost and sentiment of each driver
  • Discover that 31% of these interactions can be completed via self service and how these can be serviced through the IVR
  • Engage the broader organization and executive with quantified opportunities to improve the member experience with actionable insights
  • Understand and address the root cause of member pain points which drive high member effort and unnecessary cost into the business
  • Drive higher frontline collaboration and engagement with real-time agent dashboards that focus on key behaviors versus traditional pass/fail metrics

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