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Data-Driven Decision Making

Learn how myob unlocked the "Holy Grail" of data-based continuous improvement in the contact center

Peter Iansek

Co-Founder & CEO

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Leading a large and geographically dispersed service organization, myob was challenged in measuring and articulating exactly why their customer were contacting. Without this insight, they struggled to understand exactly what levers they could pull to systematically reduce their inbound customer demand.

As a strategic priority, they spent thousands of hours analyzing their existing contact center data to find meaningful insights but even with the help of speech analytics solutions they weren't surfacing the types of results that intuitively felt right. The data was not lining up with the problems they were seeing in the contact center which meant they could not connect the dots and drive the right types of decisions for their customers and business.

They needed a solution that combined human decision making with technology at scale, to drive improved decision making and better customer outcomes at scale.

The Problem

Having data they could trust, not just within the contact center but across the broader business, so everyone knew exactly where to focus to change the profile of their customer demand.

The Solution

Myob used Operative Intelligence to analyze their inbound customer interactions, identify the root cause of contacts at scale and quantified actionable opportunities to improve customer, people and operational dimensions of their service operations.


Within 2 weeks, myob had a solution to a problem they have been working on for 4 years. Finally having data they all believed in, they were immediately able to re-cut product deliverables which focused on resolving customer issues versus deploying new features, which for the support managers was the 'Holy Grail'.

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