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Peter Iansek


Oct 2023
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Oct 2023

Call Journey Review & Alternatives [2023]

Call Journey Review & Alternatives [2023]
Peter Iansek


Peter Iansek

CEO & Co-Founder

Table of Contents:

  • Call Journey Description == Call Journey Description
  • Call Journey Review == Call Journey Review
  • Call Journey Alternatives == Call Journey Alternatives
  • Choose the Best Call Journey Alternative == Choose the Best Call Journey Alternative

Call Journey Description

Call Journey is a conversation intelligence program uses speech and text analytics to enhance quality assurance. 

Call Journey pulls, analyzes, and enhances unstructured voice data to identify essential information. It provides insights into what is impacting customer experience, corporate performance, and compliance. 

The platform enables organizations to improve customer loyalty and feedback scores by providing deeper insight into customer sentiment.

Call Journey Review

This section contains a detailed review of Call Journey, including its features, pros, cons, and pricing.


call journey voice ai technology

  • Omnichannel analysis (voice, email, live chat, etc.)
  • Automated workflows and data automation
  • Advanced reporting and analytics 
  • Customizable dashboards to track progress and performance
  • Out-of-the-box integration with Genesys Cloud
  • Analyze complaints and competitor mentions 


  • Genesys Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Genesys Engage


  • Reduced quality assurance (QA) effort
  • Real-time monitoring and customer satisfaction analysis 
  • Captures characteristics like tone, content, quiet, and pitch
  • Bolsters risk and compliance


  • Does not provide an application programming interface (API) 
  • Requires a longer implementation time which can lead to some delays in insights
  • Requires specialized resources for model training


call journey pricing

Call Journey doesn’t provide its pricing information on its website. Businesses interested must request pricing directly. However, sources say that the pricing starts from $70.


While Call Journey is helpful for speech analyzing and monitoring, some customers look for:  

  • Robust integration capabilities
  • More extensive customizations options
  • Audit logs to trace user and system activities for better security on the platform 
  • Flexible reporting options that show monthly data views 

To provide users with tools that fulfill these needs, we have curated a list of Call Journey alternatives below.

Call Journey Alternatives 

If you’re looking to try a Call Journey alternative, take a look at these top options. 

1. Operative Intelligence

operative intelligence logo

Operative Intelligence is the next-gen analytics platform for enterprise contact centers and care teams. Operative Intelligence automatically transforms a business’ existing contact center data into real-world, actionable insights. Users can easily identify the highest impact opportunities to improve their customer experience and reduce costs with the ROI built into the insights. They can track these opportunities over time on demand.

Operative Intelligence analyzes 100% of all inbound interactions to provide clear insights into the root cause of customer inquiries. It uses direct phrases from customer speech–not just the keywords that other platforms use. This represents customer inquiries exactly how they’re shared so contact center leaders can understand the context and take specific actions that have a clear ROI. 

With Operative intelligence, businesses can identify:

  • The root cause of reasons why customers contact support at scale
  • Insights by inquiry driver: volume, cost, sentiment, satisfaction, resolution
  • The root cause of customer pain points and what they cost the business
  • The top contact center automation opportunities and the ROI for each
  • What is driving increases in handle time and cost and how to fix it
  • What is driving negative customer sentiment and satisfaction
  • Agent and team effectiveness (resolution and satisfaction) for 100% of inquiries
  • Top and lowest performing agents by inquiry type 
call journey alternative platform operative intelligence
OI reports on customer inquiries, sub-inquiries, and root causes using the customers' own words.


  • Transforms contact center data into real-world, actionable insights using machine learning
  • Provides a single source of truth for all contact center insights so teams can focus on taking actions and not mining data for answers
  • Shows exactly how agents are performing and where they need to focus on coaching through easy-to-read dashboards
  • Shares volume, cost, and sentiment of every customer inquiry, so contact center leaders know which changes will drive the highest impact improvements
  • Determines which customer interactions can be automated, constructs a business case for the change, and monitors ROI
  • Can be live and start providing business insights within two weeks, since it requires no additional business resources or model training, unlike Call Journey and other alternatives. 

Learn more about Operative Intelligence.

2. NICE Nexidia 

nice nexidia logo

NICE Nexidia (formerly known as Nexidia Speech Analytics) is an AI-enabled analytics solution platform that collects and analyzes customer data in real time. The platform provides companies with a detailed view of their customer's behavior and preferences through text and speech analytics. 

It offers automated conversations, interactive dashboards, personalized messaging, and segmentation targeting. Managers can create custom reports to gain deeper insights into negative and positive sentiment, customers' activities, the number of scheduled service calls, and more.

call journey alternative platform nice nexidia


  • Robust call analytics and reporting 
  • Automated quality assurance
  • Multi-channel integration
  • Speech recognition and text analytics
  • Real-time alerts


The pricing for NICE Nexidia isn't listed on the website so businesses have to get in touch for pricing. According to online sources, NICE Nexidia charges an average of $40 per agent per month.

Also read: NICE Nexidia vs Call Journey vs Tether vs Call Miner vs Operative Intelligence 

3. Gong.io 

gong logo

Gong.io is an AI-powered intelligence platform that helps sales teams improve performance by providing insights into important sales conversations.  While it’s a Call Journey alternative, Gong.io is specifically designed for sales teams instead of customer experience needs (like Operative Intelligence).

Gong.io analyzes call recordings, emails, and video conferencing to generate meaningful reports on customer interactions and offer advice on how to better close deals. It can uncover trends and provide actionable insights that can be used to increase the effectiveness of sales conversations. 

call journey alternative platform gong.io


  • Robust analytics and insights
  • Data security and compliance
  • Custom dashboards and reports
  • Voice analysis


The pricing for Gong.io isn’t made publicly available. Organizations interested in the software would have to reach out to get a custom quote. 

4. Observe.AI

observe.ai logo

Observe.ai is a conversation intelligence platform that uses AI models to identify customer sentiment, detect outliers, and provide actionable business intelligence. Observe.ai enables users to track customer engagement and improve customer service operations and costs by focusing on quality assurance and compliance. 

It’s important to note that Observe.ai focuses on providing insights into overall customer service quality. Comparatively, Operative Intelligence is a "customer demand intelligence" platform that provides both macro and micro insights into the customer journey. Businesses can leverage this data to improve customer service operations and modify the product, service, and even company-wide regulations and processes.

call journey alternative platform observe.ai


  • Agent performance and coaching
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Security and compliance
  • Quality assurance
  • Real-time customer insights


The pricing for Observe.ai isn’t publicly disclosed so interested organizations must reach out for a custom quote.

Choose the Best Call Journey Alternative 

Choosing the best Call Journey alternative depends on an organization’s ultimate goals. 

If you're looking for an automated solution to analyze 100% of inbound interactions and share the root causes of overall inquiries using the customer’s actual words, Operative Intelligence is the right alternative. 

Operative Intelligence provides users with advanced analytics to effortlessly detect the most impactful opportunities for improving the customer experience and optimizing customer service costs. The platform automatically pulls and analyzes customers' actual words and transforms them into actionable insights so organizations can pinpoint difficulties and drive true changes.

Book a demo with Operative Intelligence today.

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