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Auto contact analysis

Uncover Customer Insights Across Channels – No Interaction Is Overlooked

See what our customers say

“A highly accurate, credible platform of multi-dimensional insights that helps us continually improve our customers’ experiences more quickly than we ever imagined”

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  • Michael Callahan, VP E-Commerce 

    & Customer Experience


“OI delivers the information I’ve been searching for to make data-driven changes. Delivering quantified data to senior leadership is creating a positive change in how the organization can make improvements”

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  • Mark Whitney, VP Member Solutions

    Apple Federal Credit Union

“Understanding that it takes more than ‘numbers on a page’ to drive true transformation, OI enabled our leadership team to target high-impact initiatives and drive data-based continuous improvement in our contact centres”

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  • Rebecca Burns, Head of Support


Uncover customer
needs & sentiments
at scale

31 April 2023

Uncover the exact reasons why customers are contacting in their own words including the volume, cost, sentiment, satisfaction and resolution of every inquiry

Drill down on pain
points & improve self service

Opportunity by cost

Drill down to uncover the root cause of customer pain points and which inquiries can be completed through self service, with an ROI built into the insights.

Improve agent


See Resolution and Customer Satisfaction for 100% of agent interactions, automate compliance and identify exactly which inquiries agents do well and where they can improve

Increase customer


Discover which inquiry types have the highest and lowest customer satisfaction to target specific areas
of improvement across the scale of your customer interactions.

Drive revenue 

& retention


Automatically identify which inquiries drive revenue, retention and lifetime customer value based on the stated needs of your customers
at scale.

OI captures data automatically, analyzes it objectively and delivers it instantly, without zero business effort

Capture interactions
OI integrates directly with your CCaaS
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AI Powered Analytics
OI turns customer interactions to insights
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Take Action
Actionable insights for your entire team
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  • Fully automated solution
  • No specialized or new resources
  • Data science done for you

Transform your contact center and customer experiences with AI-powered insights


Support cost saving in 12 weeks


Agent effectiveness increase


Average handle time reduction

Your next  
breakthrough starts
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If you’re still looking for more information, take a look at some common FAQs.

01.What resources are required to use Operative Intelligence?

You’ll need a technical resource that can provide us with data access. For most clients this involves enabling API access (Token or Credential) via your CCaaS.

02.How long does it take until we have insights?

From the point of receiving data, your insights will be live in two weeks. During this time we train a model specifically for your business.

03.How will the AI know about my business and customers?

We train the models exclusively based on the language your customers use when they contact, which is a mirror of their experience with your products and services.

04.Which team members use Operative Intelligence?

C Suite Executives, Technology, Product, Marketing, Contact Center & Operations Leadership, Team Leaders, Training, Quality and Frontline Agents.

05.What makes you different from other solutions?

The only platform that can automatically identify the Root Cause and L1 - L5 reasons for customer inquiries, requiring no model training or business tagging of data and having an ROI built into its insights. It can be deployed by a business in two weeks.

We ensure your information 

is kept safe and secure

  • 100% of interactions are redacted
  • No sensitive data is retained
  • SOC 2 Type II Certified