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Why OI

Systematically Manage Your
Customer Operations

Lead the customer conversation across the organization and in your teams.


Understand what’s driving your customers to contact and where to prioritize investment and rganizational focus to support the customer through easy to interpret and quantified customer demand insights.


Get to the root cause of what’s causing customer friction and driving high customer effort to design improved product and policies that will send your NPS and revenue skyrocketing.

Ops Managers

Lead your teams and planning with laser like precision based on the outcomes that are most important to your customers and the organization with actionable demand insights.

Frontline Managers

Change the coaching conversation by leveraging what your best reps are doing differently and use this insight to develop team members who need more help based on inquiry type.


AI-Powered CX & Operational
Performance Insights

Good bye manual analysis and spreadsheet duct tape. OI analyzes
and quantifies performance improvement opportunities at every
layer of the contact center automatically.

Customer Inquiries
Average Handle Time (Seconds)
<350 Sec.
350 to 500
500 to 600
>600 Sec.

Understand your customers’ needs at scale

Forget call disposition codes, unearth the reality of why customers are contacting in the first place and in their own words.

OI analyzes your customer interactions at scale and uses AI to identify the Root Cause of why they’re contacting, helping you measure and quantify your biggest and most granular customer drivers with precision over time.

Customer Intelligence

OI helps you identify and quantify which inquiries you can automate, avoid, simplify or promote with a built in business case. Use this insight to inform technology road maps, Product development, train self service solutions and align your teams on solving your biggest customer pain points, systematically.

Root Cause Contact Reasons
Contact Resolution Rate
Customer Satisfaction Rate

Operational Intelligence

Easily identify which areas of the operation are working well and what needs fixing. Get total visibility into performance across the operation of what’s driving the costs, satisfaction, sentiment and resolution, all the way down to the individual inquiry level.

People Intelligence

Identify your own pockets of best practice and leverage the insights to clone your best agent. OI makes it easy to see which agents are superstars and who needs more help based on the customers’ reason for contact. That way you can replicate the behaviors which deliver the best customer outcomes across the scale of the contact center.

Average Handle Time (Seconds)


increase in FCR


increase in FCR


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increase in FCR

Actionable Insights Identified by OI

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How it works

Simple, yet powerful features

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Customer interactions across voice, email, chat channels


Customer interactions across voice, email, chat channels


Customer interactions across voice, email, chat channels


What our great
customers are saying

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"In less than a year, Orbit has gone from having little to no insight about the challenges our customers face with our lawn and garden products, to having a highly accurate, credible platform of multi-dimensional insights that will help us continually improve our customers’ experiences more quickly than we ever imagined. Their AI/ML analysis lets us pull key drivers of customer complaints and challenges, sorted by topic and product. This enables us to go back and close the loop with our product development teams, helping us to be an active partner in improving our products. Their dashboards also provide insights into which customer care agents are best at assisting with certain types of customer conversations, so we can provide a more efficient experience for our customers and replicate best practices across the team."

Michael Callahan, VP E-Commerce and Customer Experience


“It has been a pleasure working with the OI team to transform our contact centre data into meaningful insights. The tool speaks for itself. Technology aside, we’ve gained far more than accessible, digestible and actionable insights. The real ‘secret sauce’ to our engagement has been OI’s unparalleled commitment to realizing measurable value. Understanding that it takes more than ‘numbers on a page’ to drive true transformation, OI enabled our leadership team to target high-impact initiatives and drive data-based continuous improvement in our contact centres”.

Rebecca Burns, Head of Support


"For years I’ve had endless reports to draw upon however it’s always been hard to quantify the root cause of why members are calling. The complexity of work has evolved and the need for actionable data on our member contacts has grown substantially. OI delivers the information I’ve been searching for to make data-driven changes. Delivering quantified data to areas outside of the contact center and to senior leadership is creating a positive change in how the organization can make improvements, by being able to see what our biggest challenges and opportunities are. The real time agent dashboards have created a higher level of agent engagement and collaboration. The team at OI is amazing to work with. They are very knowledgeable experts who provide help for your individual contact center and not a cookie cutter approach."

Mark Whitney, AVP Contact Centers

Apple Federal Credit Union


Our articles on AI-Powered CX &
Operational Performance Insights

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